South Island Champs

Step into the Glory Lane of Off-Road Mastery – our South Island Series South Island Champs Page, a living testament to the pursuit of greatness in the exhilarating world of off-road racing in the South Island!

Since its inception, the South Island Series and South Island Champs has been a crucible of competition, where grit meets glory and champions emerge triumphant against the backdrop of the breathtaking Southern landscapes. This page is a thrilling chronicle that traces the tire tracks of those who have conquered the challenging terrains, defied the odds, and ascended to the pinnacle of off-road excellence. Join us in celebrating the relentless spirit, skill, and unwavering passion that defines the South Island Series champions. Uncover the narratives of victory, witness the adrenaline-soaked battles, and relive moments that have indelibly shaped the legacy of off-road supremacy in the South Island.

Welcome to a gallery of champions – where each triumph is etched into the rugged terrain and echoes in the hearts of off-road enthusiasts across the Southern landscape! We are currently looking for more of this history as it has been running much longer than is below, so if you have any please get in touch with the admin here

1st: Hamish Lawlor
2nd: Wayne Moriarty

1st: Wayne Moriarty
2nd: Hamish Lawlor
1st: Terry Munro

1st: Wayne Moriarty
2nd: Hamish Lawlor
3rd: Ian Simcox

1st: Hamish Lawlor
2nd: Reece Trotter
3rd: Vincent Harvey

1st: Steven Boyd
2nd: Neville Basaiaj
3rd: Roger Mckay

1st: Neville Basalaj
2nd: Greg Winn
3rd: Roger Mckay

1st: Roger McKay
2nd: Bob Uttridge
3rd: Slim Slee


1st: Rosco Gaudin 236
2nd: Daniel Rusbatch 223
3rd: Bryan Chang 191