Canterbury Offroad Racing

The Canterbury Offroad Racing Club

The Canterbury Offroad Racing Club boasts a storied legacy in New Zealand’s off-road racing scene, with its inception dating back to 1982. Our membership base includes dedicated racers as well as those who relish the social aspects of our community. As an influential contributor to the development and promotion of off-road racing in the country, our club holds affiliation with ORANZ (Off Road Association of New Zealand) and garners recognition from SPARC (Sport and Recreation New Zealand).

Central to our commitment is the construction of our purpose-built 1.1km Offroad track, the West Melton Offroad Raceway, strategically located at Weedons Ross Road. This track features meticulously contoured jumps and bumps, enhancing the racing experience with thrilling mid-air manoeuvres while ensuring minimal strain on the vehicles. In collaboration with the Canterbury ATV Association, our track accommodates and exhilarates off-road enthusiasts.

Despite the adrenaline-fueled nature of off-road racing, our sport remains accessible and inclusive. The financial barrier to entry is mitigated, with racing vehicles spanning a cost spectrum from $1500-$2500 for some classes to $300,000 and beyond for state-of-the-art machines.

Our membership extends beyond racing enthusiasts to include a vibrant community of social members. These individuals actively engage in club activities and racing events, relishing the camaraderie without necessarily owning a racing vehicle.

Recognising the importance of fostering talent at a young age, our club has implemented a youth driving policy. Under controlled conditions, drivers as young as 12 can participate in selected classes. Furthermore, ORANZ has introduced two children’s classes, providing an opportunity for kids aged five to 15 to engage in off-road racing.

Our annual calendar is replete with events scheduled from February to November, including four South Island Series events held across the region. These events serve as heats for the national series, culminating in a highly anticipated National final held alternately between the North Island and the South. For details on upcoming meetings, please refer to our events page.

Beyond competitive racing, our club hosts engaging club days featuring short course racing at the West Melton Offroad Raceway, hill climbs, and enduro events set in farmlands and forests.

For those who share our passion for off-road racing or simply want to be part of our vibrant community, we extend an open invitation to join us. Whether you’re an aspiring racer or someone who revels in the thrill from the sidelines, being involved with our club promises a fulfilling and enjoyable experience.

Canterbury Offroad Racing – Our Racing Season

Embark on an exciting racing journey with us, as our season unfolds from March to November most years. Club events are characterised by the camaraderie among members, emphasizing sportsmanship, enjoyment, and memorable racing experiences. Dive into the details of each event type below.


Before the racing action kicks off, take advantage of the Tagging opportunity. This early-season event ensures your car meets all the necessary criteria. Delve into an example here form that outlines the components undergoing scrutiny, offering valuable insights to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming season.

Club Meetings

Join our Club Meetings for open dialogue, idea exchange, and key announcements that set the stage for upcoming events. These gatherings provide a platform for member input, aligning the season with the expectations and aspirations of the racing community. Connect with fellow racers, share stories, discuss strategies, and build camaraderie. Engage with club leadership, including the president and committee members, fostering a sense of community and ensuring members feel connected and heard.

Working Bees

Participate in Working Bees throughout the year, especially before significant events. Open to all off-road enthusiasts, these sessions invite volunteers to contribute skills, time, and passion to enhance our club track, creating a dynamic off-road racing environment in Canterbury.

Racing Events

Explore various racing events held throughout the year at club, regional, and national levels. Club day racing provides a low-competitive environment for testing and tuning your car, with a focus on camaraderie among participants.

The CORC Championship, dating back to 1982, offers the chance to compete for overall and individual class victories across a set number of events and tracks.

Regional and National rounds, the club’s premier events, draw large entries and spectators from across the island and nationally. These significant milestones usually promise two-day events filled with adrenaline, competition, and the thrilling experience of off-road racing.

Don’t miss out on special club racing events like the Wade Densem Memorial Race, a unique race held at the end of the racing calendar in November.

For more information you can see our events here.