Club Forms

Welcome to the Canterbury Offroad Racing Club’s centralized hub, designed to be your one-stop destination for seamless and efficient access to all the essential paperwork, forms, and documentation crucial for your engagement with our vibrant off-road community.

Within this digital space, we’ve curated a user-friendly repository of downloadable forms, catering to racers, members, and enthusiasts alike. This resource aims to streamline and simplify your interactions with the club, ensuring a hassle-free process for various activities. Whether you’re gearing up to register for an upcoming adrenaline-packed event, looking to become a club member, or seeking detailed information on specific racing classes, our comprehensive collection of forms is at your fingertips.

At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to transparency and simplicity, with the goal of enhancing your overall experience with the Canterbury Offroad Racing Club. We understand that navigating paperwork can sometimes be a challenge, and our user-friendly forms are crafted to alleviate any potential hurdles, allowing you to focus on the excitement of off-road racing.

Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, our dedicated team is just a click away. We are here to support you throughout your engagement with the Canterbury Offroad Racing Club, making sure that your experience is not only thrilling on the track but also seamless and enjoyable behind the scenes.

Entry Paperwork & Forms

2024 entry forms will be available soon. 
There are no entry forms pre an event for club days or club races. 
For all other entry forms you can click here

Club Paperwork

2024 Membership Form

Please access the CORC and ORANZ 2024 membership form here.
You can download the PDF or edit in your browser and email it to and then make payment. 
If you need to fill in the PDF form on your phone Adobe Fill and Sign is a good app to download for this. 

ORANZ Paperwork

You can access any national ORANZ forms on the site here