Canterbury Champs

Welcome to the Canterbury Off Road Club Champions Page showcasing our club results and Canterbury Champs since 1983!

This page is a riveting journey through the annals of time, tracing the tire tracks of champions who have left an indelible mark on the off-road racing legacy in Canterbury. Since our club’s inception, these extraordinary individuals have conquered rugged terrains, navigated treacherous obstacles, and emerged victorious, etching their names in the storied history of off-road racing. Join us in celebrating the resilience, skill, and unwavering passion that define our club champions.

From the trailblazing Canterbury Champs of the ’80s to the modern-day, this page is a testament to the adrenaline-fueled spirit that courses through the veins of the Canterbury Off Road Racing Club and the Canterbury Champs. Witness the evolution of greatness, explore the victories, and revel in the triumphs of those who have shaped the very essence of off-road excellence. Welcome to the Chronicles of Champions – where the roar of engines echoes through time!

Overall Canterbury Champs

1983/84-Brett Granger and S Munro (1st)

1984/85-Allan Weir (1st)

1985/86-Richard Wormald (1st)

1986/87-Paul Woodthorpe (1st)

1987/88-Paul Woodthorpe (1st)

1988/90-Roger Low (1st)

1990/91-Roger Low (1st)

1991/92-Mike Ransome (1st)

1992/93-Ann Davison (1st)

1993/94-Neil Davison (1st)

1994/95-Steve Gardiner (1st)

1995/96-Nicole and Roger Low (1st)

1997-Geoff Densem (1st)

1998-Ryan Densem (1st)

1999-Denise Beynon (1st)

2000-Blair Tissiman (1st)

2001-Rodney Walls (1st)

2002-Jeanette Doyle (1st)

2003-Rodney Walls (1st)

2004-Ron Crosby (1st)

2005-Rodney Walls (1st)

2006-Wayne Moriarty (1st)

2007-Scott Campbell (1st)

2008-Rodney Walls (1st)

2009-Steven Boyd (1st)


2011-Terry Munro (1st)

2012-Rob Palmer (1st)

2013-Ian Simcox (1st)

2011-Terry Munro  (1st) Steven Boyd (2nd) Wayne Moriarty (3rd)

2012-Rob Palmer (1st) Gary Watson (2nd) Ian Simcox (3rd)

2013-Ian Simcox (1st) Ron Crosby (2nd) Damian Haliday (3rd)

2014-Graham Fleming (1st) Wayne Moriarty (2nd) Ian Simcox (3rd)

2017-Brent McDonald (1st) Andrew Knight (2nd) Daniel Powell (3rd)

2018 – Jorja Storer (1st) 

2019 – Jorja Storer (1st) Gavin Storer (2nd) Charlotte Van der Meys (3rd)

Most Wins= Rodney Walls x

Class 1 Canterbury Champs

1985/86-John Avery (1st)

1986/87-Russell Byfield (1st)

1987/88-Russell Byfield (1st)

1988/89-Mark Brown (1st)

1989/90-Neil Davison and Craig McNabb (1st)

1990/91-Tony Gardiner (1st)

1991/92-Paul Woodthorpe (1st)

1992/93-Harvey Davison (1st)

1993/94-Geoff Densem (1st)

1994/95-Geoff Densem (1st)

1995/96-Geoff Densem (1st)

1997-Geoff Densem (1st)

1998-John McKendry (1st)

1999-James Roberts (1st)

2000-Blair Tissiman (1st)

2001-Jason Jeffs (1st)

2002-Geoff Densem (1st)

2003-Geoff Densem (1st)

2004-Darryl Oftgen (1st)

2005-David Knowles (1st)


2007-Geoff Densem (1st)



2010-Geoff Densem (1st)

2011-Geoff Densem (1st)

2012-Geoff Densem (1st)

2012-Geoff Densem (1st) Kevin Nankerville (2nd) Vincent Harvey (3rd)

2013-Matt Clark (1st) Geoff Densem (2nd)

2014- Vinnie Harvey (1st) Geoff Densem (2nd)

2015 -Kevin Nankeivell (1st)

2017-Daniel Powell (1st)

Most wins= Geoff Densem x9

Class 2 Canterbury Champs

2012 Ian Simcox  (1st) Steven Boyd (2nd)

2013 Ian Simcox (1st) Ron Crosby (2nd) Steven Boyd (3rd)

2014 Ian Simcox (1st) Steven Boyd (2nd)

2017 Ron Crosby (1st)

Class 3 Canterbury Champs

2012 Wayne Moriarty (1st) JP Griffiths (2nd) Nigel Sutherland (3rd)

2013 Alex Mc Indoe (1st) Blair Prebble (2nd) Wayne Moriarty (3rd)

2014 Wayne Moriarty (1st) Blair Prebble (2nd) Nigel Sutherland (3rd)

2015 Alex McIndoe (1st)

2016 Alex McIndoe (1st)

2017 Brayden Hill (1st) Phil Howlett (2nd)

Class 4 Canterbury Champs

2012 Mathew Adams (1st) Dale Hammond (2nd) Mathew Hides (3rd)

2013 Simon Smith (1st)

2014 Simon Smith (1st)

Class 5 Canterbury Champs

1985/86-Richard Wormold (1st)

1986/87-Dale Hammond (1st)

1987/88-Paul Woodthorpe (1st)

1988/89-Andrew Rowe (1st)

1989/90-Paul Williams (1st)

1990/91-Dave Stokes (1st)

1991/92-Geoff Densem (1st)

1992/93-Steve and Terina Gardiner  (1st)

1993/94-Steve and Terina Gardiner (1st)

1994/95-Steve Gardiner (1st)

1995/96-Stu Stokes (1st)


1997-Ryan Densem (1st)

1998-Ryan Densem (1st)

1999-Denise Beynon (1st)

2000-Rodney Walls (1st)

2001-Rodney Walls (1st)

2002-Jeanette Doyle (1st)

2003-Rodney Walls (1st)

2004-Alistar Ward (1st)

2005-Rodney Walls (1st)

2006-Blair Prebble (1st)

2007-Clint Densem (1st)

2008-Rodney Walls (1st)


2010-Clint Densem (1st)

2011-Clint Densem (1st)

2012-Clint Densem (1st) Andrew Johnstone (2nd) Bruce Rolls (3rd)

2013-Andrew Johnstone (1st)

2014-Graham Fleming (1st) Andrew Johnstone (2nd)

2019 Chris Dempsey (1st) Tim Hanifin (2nd)

Most Wins- Rodney Walls = 5

Class 7 Canterbury Champs

1985/86-Paul Woodthorpe (1st)

1986/87-Paul Woodthorpe (1st)

1987/88-Robin Griffiths (1st)

1988/89-Paul Williams (1st)

1989/90-Roger Low (1st)

1990/91-Roger Low (1st)

1991/92-Mike Ransome (1st)

1992/93-Steven Crowe & Grant Dacombe (1st)

1993/94-Steven Crowe (1st)

1994/95-Grant Dacombe (1st)

1995/96-Chris Devereux (1st)

1997-John McGrirr (1st)

1998-Shane Arneben (1st)

1999-Jason McConnell (1st)

2000-Dyane Yates (1st)

2019 Jessica Brown (1st)

Class 8 Canterbury Champs

2012 Bryan Chang (1st)

2013 Gavin Storer (1st)

2014 Gavin Storer (1st)

2015 James Fleming (1st)

2016 Gavin Storer (1st)

2017 Anita Fleming (1st)

Class 10 Canterbury Champs

2012 Michael Wilson (1st) Damian Halliday (2nd) Murdock Halliday (3rd)

2013 Damian Halliday (1st)

2014 Damian Halliday (1st)

Class C Canterbury Champs

2012 Rob Palmer (1st) Graeme Fleming (2nd) Andrew Johnstone (3rd)

2013 Rob Palmer (1st) Sam Johnstone (2nd) Chris Devereux (3rd)

2014 Rob Palmer (1st) Sam Johnstone (2nd)

2015 Caitlyn Fleming (1st)

2016 Jorja Storer (1st)

2017 Andrew Knight (1st) Jorja Storer (2nd) Brooke Storer (3rd)

2019 Jorja Storer (1st) Andrew Knight (2nd) Brooke Storer (3rd)

Class U Canterbury Champs

2012 Gary Watson (1st) Reece Trotter (2nd)

2013 Gary Watson (1st)

2014 Dave Henry (1st) Bob Uttridge (2nd)

2019 Charlotte Vand der Meys (1st)

Class S Canterbury Champs

2016 Bob Uttridge (1st)

2017 Brent McDonald (1st) Graham Fleming (2nd) Gavin Storer (3rd)


2019 Gavin Storer (1st)

Some of our previous overall club champions