Social Membership

Join Canterbury Off-Road Club with a social membership in 2024!

The Canterbury Off-Road Club (CORC) invites you to become a Social Member with social membership for the year 2024. Unlock some benefits that allows you more involvement with the club. For just $25 this year, you can enjoy some benefits that is most likely to have additions added to it during the year.

Why Join as a Social Member?

  1. Free Event Entry: As a Social Member, wave goodbye to spectator fees! Enjoy complimentary entry to events where others may have to pay to witness the off-road action. This means more savings for you and more opportunities to immerse yourself in the thrill of off-road adventures.
  2. Club Meetings Participation: Your voice matters at CORC! Social Members have the privilege of actively participating in club meetings. Share your insights, ideas, and suggestions, contributing to the collective vision of the club. This open dialogue fosters a sense of community and ensures that all members have a say in the club’s direction.
  3. Voting Privileges: Democracy in action! Social Members can cast their votes on decisions where voting is required from the members, including the election of end-of-year committee members for the following year. Be part of shaping the future of CORC and have a direct impact on the leadership and policies that guide our off-road community.

How to Join:

Becoming a Social Member is easy! Simply visit our membership page here or complete the online registration form here where you are only required to fill in your personal details and mark “social member CORC”

Join CORC as a Social Member for 2024 as your $25 fee supports the club’s activities and ensures you receive the benefits throughout the year.