Welcome to the driving force behind the scenes – the unsung heroes of the Canterbury Offroad Racing Club: our Club Contacts and Volunteer Committee. Within the dynamic realm of off-road racing, it’s not just about the thundering engines and adrenaline-pumping races; it’s about the passionate individuals who form the backbone of our club, dedicating their time, expertise, and enthusiasm to ensure its smooth functioning.

Our success and vibrancy are intricately tied to the commitment of a group of volunteers and club contacts who contribute significantly to the planning, organisation, and execution of our events. These individuals, the gears that keep the off-road engine running smoothly, play a pivotal role in creating memorable experiences for both racers and spectators alike. Their dedication is the driving force that propels our off-road community forward, fostering a spirit of collaboration and camaraderie.

If you find yourself with questions, ideas, or simply want to connect with the heartbeat of our club, our committee members are here for you. Explore our Contacts page, where you can reach out to the right individuals who are the architects of our success. Become a part of the collaborative spirit that defines the Canterbury Offroad Racing Club and let your journey into the thrilling world of off-road racing begin with the incredible people who make it all happen – our devoted Volunteer Committee.

In this close-knit community, the value of these individuals cannot be overstated. They are the architects of the experiences that define our club, ensuring that every race day is not just an event but a celebration of shared passion and dedication. Join us in recognising and appreciating the tireless efforts of our Volunteer Committee, the driving force that keeps the Canterbury Offroad Racing Club at the forefront of off-road excellence.

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